Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Last week of sale, new delivery!!!

Last week of sale guys so get involved and find those hidden gems before they disappear for the year! 2 for £15....
This will be making room for our new delivery which will be arriving the middle of next week.


Tuesday, 18 October 2011


With winter coming around fast we can no longer be sitting in parks drinking (boo!). But not to fear! There's loads of exciting music stuff going on around East London at the moment which we will make sure you know about. So if your gonna be inside you might as well check out a band right?


Were gonna be heading down to Ryans Bar for Shield Your Eyes' launch night with our friends from Function Records, come down for a beer and some good music...

P.S. Here's a review of Shield Your Eyes

Monday, 17 October 2011


Meet Monty. He's the only true gentleman in The Vintage Store team. He's always dressed to impress and this week is no different, sporting a rather festive knit (complete with skiing scene), CPO check jacket (the perfect autumnal layer) and WWII backpack. Whatta man.

We've just reduced all of our CPOs in our mid-season sale, to make way for what promises to be an exciting delivery of menswear next week. 'Hold on a minute!' I hear you cry in dismay... 'What the bloody hell is a CPO shirt anyway?!' Good question dear reader! CPO stands for Chief Petty Officer, and were shirts within the US Navy to be worn by a master sergeant. Traditionally a dark navy flannel shirt for ceremonial dress, they were made from a light weight pressed wool which sheds sea water and rain. Pretty nifty huh?!

Now you can buy them in a whole heap of colours and patterns and we have some really awesome pieces, including 70s Canadian-made checked ones, wonderful Woolrich and Pendleton pieces, and the more modern pieces with hoods for that quintessentially East London grunge look. But make haste! Due to the newly dropped price (and temperature!) they are selling fast.

Saturday, 15 October 2011


As much as I am sun-worshipper, there is nothing I enjoy more than a bright, crisp morning and the realisation that I have nothing suitable to wear for the sudden drop in temperature. Any excuse to go shopping right?! At this moment I'm typing away in a mesh top and bra, with a scanty shawl draped over my goosebump ridden shoudlers. Not very winter friendly I think you'll agree. So what more of an excuse do I need to try on all the knitwear in the shop?

From zig zag 'Cosby' 80s knits, worn slouchy over denim shorts, to the more sophisticated, traditional aaran knit, we've got winter covered. Hows about a super warm cowichan? Teamed with this season's must have- a polka dot blouse with a much coveted pussybow tie.

Friday, 14 October 2011


Harrington £40 / Levi's denim short £20 / Leopard print blouse £22 / Woven belt £10
Everyone knows the classic Harrington jacket... beloved of football casuals and skin heads. The perfect jacket for this mixed up hot/cold weather, with the quintessentially punk tartan lining. What more could you ask for from an autumn jacket huh?

We've noticed a growing trend amongst the girls on Brick Lane of roughing up the classic blouse and short shorts combo with a more masculine jacket and think this is the perfect mix of East London grunge and girly glamour! What do you think?

Harringtons available for guys and girls in the classic burgundy, beige and black..